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Bring Your Workers Together

Working remotely can be positive for employees, but sometimes troubling for the business.  Meetings can be more challenging; task management can be more complex; and team members may struggle to find the resources they need. Prevent these type situations with consistent communications with the Comtracts’ Communication Tool. It ensures you have what you need to keep employees informed and to work efficiently and with confidence.

A Work-From-Home Communication Tool

With our Communication Tool, Comtracts helps keep your remote workers connected like never before. Our communications software provides multiple features, including instant messaging, notifications, emails, and more. Other remote work tools can have many different features and without a manual, they can be confusing. Our Communication Tool is customized to your business needs, whether it be a focus on internal communication or team collaboration. File sharing, setting appointments, and so much more is easy with our innovative communication software.

Communication methods don’t have to be complicated. Our team walks you through the different aspects of the Communication Tool, and we can tailor it to your needs, removing sections if you don’t need them. Stay connected with remote teams through effective communication. Handle projects with ease through efficient team communication. Our Communication Tool pairs with our contract and HR management tools, giving you a greater scope of collaborative freedom when it comes to files, contracts, and projects.

Effective Business Communication Tools

Never miss a meeting and stay on top of your tasks with Comtracts’ Communication Tool. Collaborate like never before from the comfort of the office or your home.

Personalized Business Communication Software

We streamlined our Communication Tool to be effective in any industry and personalized it to fit individual departments. It integrates with our Contract Management Tool, giving you a simplified way to share files, contracts, and vendors on a secure site. It retains history logs of past communications, and archives all outgoing communications and notifications. Our Communication Tool serves as an emergency contact tool as well, making it easy to alert employees of warnings or key messages at any time or place. The tool can be customized to fit your organization’s needs, with communication being sent either through email or text message—whichever is more convenient for you and your employees.

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Your Customized Communication Tool

Comtracts is a women-led, PCI- and HIPAA-compliant company that provides the management services you need to simplify your internal processes. Our Communication Tool keeps your departments running smoothly through consistent communication. Save time and money with a useful collaboration tool when you rely on the expert services of Comtracts.

Efficiency For Any Industry

We can customize our features for the needs of any business or industry. No matter where you work, we can help. 

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