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Make Management Easy and Affordable

Comtracts offers services and solutions to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. From product life cycle management solutions to business process automation, we help make your job easier and simplify the management of documents and employee information. Keep track of your human resource files and contracts, communicate with employees quickly, and stay current with all of the contracts, training, and certification dates in a central repository.

Life Cycle Management Process

Access all the information you need from any location using the expert services of Comtracts. Stay up-to-date with the latest changes to your documents, stay current on contract renewal dates, and receive notifications and announcements on due dates, renewal requirements, and more. Rely on the customizable options of Comtracts to keep your business moving forward. We offer a wide variety of management features and products to help you stay organized and enhance your productivity.

Organize your information by file types, keep task management to one unified service, and utilize the best business management software when you use Comtracts. Simplify your document management with our document management software that helps you reduce clutter and keep contracts and files on a central, accessible platform. Customize the products to fit the needs of your industry and communicate with your employees easier than ever. We ensure you have all the resources you need at the push of a button.

Set up services and information your way through our different products and solutions.

HR File Management Tool

HR keeps track of employee information, training, documents, contracts, and more. With so much information to store, tracking data is difficult. Due dates and renewals sometimes get lost. Reduce mistakes and maximize productivity with Comtracts’ HR File Management Tool, which provides you with a central repository to store all your sensitive information and access it at any time. You’ll never miss a due date again with our notification system and communication hubs.

Contract Management Tools

With expert solutions from Comtracts, you’ll never lose track of renewal dates or contract information again. Using our specialized document management solutions, you can keep track of due dates, renewal information, and more.

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Communication Tools

Contact your employees remotely or in the office with our communication tools. These tools allow you to specify the preferred form of communication for different departments or employees and give you a streamlined method of contact. This allows you to send out alerts, notifications, or calendar invites without the hassle of looking up additional information or checking different applications.

Customizable Features

If you find that our products don’t have specific features you’re looking for, contact Comtracts to talk about your vision. We work with our clients to determine the best solutions for their business based on their industry and make additions or adjustments to our products based on their needs.

Document Management Solutions

Keep all your vital information in one convenient location with our unique services. Save time and money when you rely on Comtracts.

Your Specialized Document Management Tool

Comtracts is a women-led, PCI- and HIPAA-compliant company that provides the management services you need to simplify your internal processes. No matter what industry you work in, we help you determine the best solutions for your document management needs. When you need a cost-effective solution that keeps your data storage simple, contact Comtracts today.

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