Nursing Facilities can use Comtracts Contract Management Tool to digitize, organize, secure and maintain all contracts. Plus, Nursing Facilities can keep up with Business Associate Agreements to maintain and prove HIPAA compliance.   With an index system that can be customized, Comtracts’ Contract Management Tool keeps up with your contracts and provides you with remote access. With an automated notification system, Comtracts will notify you of the important dates in a contract’s life. Comtracts’ tools allow you to move into a revenue cycle management. By keeping up with vendor contracts, Comtracts will give you the information that you need to negotiate better prices. By maintaining an organized, secure and accessible contract management system, Nursing Facilities can easily prove compliance with administration survey tags. Comtracts’ Contract Management Tool creates efficiency and control for you.   Implement best practices by using Comtracts’ Contract Management Tool! The Comtracts Team will be at the Annual Meeting—Stop by for a demonstration of this incredible tool!