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Heavily regulated industries like petroleum require tools and platforms to manage their piles of paperwork, contracts, and certifications.

Track Document Compliance

With approximately 122,000 convenience stores selling fuel, 58% are single store operators which may or may not have the resources to brand their stores separately from the fuel they sell.

According to the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), 80% of gasoline sales in the United States are at a convenience or food mart.

The Petroleum/Convenience Store Industry requires a multitude of records to document compliance. Whether you are a distributor or a single store operator, the need for HR and/or contract software to assist with employee records management and training, federal/state operator laws, and requirements for storage, pump, and tank operations can be massive. Additionally, within the operations of a convenience store, various individual specialty licensing is required for food service workers, alcohol and cigarette sales, gaming/lottery, etc. Com|Tracts can uncomplicate this process by providing easy and effective HR and contract records storage and management.

Manage Your Stores

Keep track of your employees, vendors, contracts, and business relationships with Com|Tracts’ secure cloud-based platform. Our tools make human resource management simple.

Logistics Made Easy

Com|Tracts’ objective is to provide personalized and customized service to organize, manage, and maintain the logistics of your contracts, personnel files, and other data as dictated by regulatory requirements. The goal is to increase efficiency and reduce administrative burdens and costs in convenience store and petroleum operations with easy access to online training, access to organized documents at remote locations, and tracking deadlines.

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