Simplify Healthcare Guidelines Compliance

From physician practices to nursing facilities, health care providers are faced with ever changing and growing compliance requirements that are not just best practices but required by state and federal law.

Manage Healthcare Contracts

Providing high quality health care for patients involves a team that requires contractual relationships with others for both services and goods. The first step for efficient management of contracts is implementing a contract management platform that allows health care providers to control and track their contracts.

Com|Tracts’ contract management platform enables health care providers to document and manage business associate agreements, prove compliance, and move toward revenue cycle management. With a contract management platform that allows tracking of deadlines, performance, and other important events in a contract lifecycle, health care providers can assert control and better negotiate and other contract terms. For nursing facilities, managing contractual relationships is a federal survey requirement.

 Nursing Facilities need Contract Management tools

Even a nursing homes’ contracts are an area subject to review by surveyors as facility assessments must include an annual review of contracts. Nursing homes need to organize, update, review, and manage their contracts with suppliers, vendors, physicians, rehab providers, dentists, pharmacists, etc. Com|Tracts’ contract management platform provides the tool to keep up with, manage, and automate contract terms! With a cloud-based, secure contract storage system, Com|Tracts provides an instant way to access contracts and document compliance, particularly to survey teams!

Save Time and Resources

Focus on providing high quality healthcare for your clients. Reduce the time and hassle associated with human resources, document management, and regulation compliance.

Organize Human Resources

Managing, tracking, training and communicating with employees is basic to providing high quality cost- effective health care. Com|Tracts HR platform stores employee records in a cloud-based secure platform that allows remote access from anywhere and creates automatic notification systems of important events and requirements for individual employees, groups of employees and classifications of employees. The platform also allows tracking of notifications, disciplinary matters, and training and is customizable to address specific requirements. With Com|Tracts’ platform, health care providers have immediate access to employee records and proof of compliance when state or federal regulators ask. Customizable features allow the HR team to give individualized access to records to edit certain information while limiting access to other data.

Com|Tracts’ digital tools offer a secure, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based platform.

Manage valuable health care relationships in an easy to use and affordable platform specifically designed to allow health care providers to meet regulatory requirements.

Document Compliance

All health care providers from physician practices to nursing facilities to hospice and home health providers must be prudent about documenting an employee’s compliance with credentialing, licensing, OSHA training as well as specific provider training and reporting requirements. Com|Tracts’ HR platform allows automatic notification of employees and HR staff of the requirements and creates reports for the HR team. With a completely customizable platform, the HR team can decide what it wants to track and how often.

Instant Notifications

Com|Tracts’ communication tool is highly efficient allowing employees to designate preferred communication via email or text or both. The HR staff can send important information immediately to groups, classes or individual employees. Whether notifying employees that emergency training must be completed or that surveyors are in a building or the company picnic has been cancelled, the Com|Tracts’ communication tool is an easy, cost effective and efficient way to notify employees of important information and document the notification.

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