Organize and Manage Your Education System

School districts and education systems have to manage and track thousands of documents for students, teachers, and administrators. Never lose another document with Com|Tracts’ digital library.

Keep Track of Documents

Document and Contract Management for school districts can be overwhelming and complicated. From board of education regulations, to school district personnel and HR records, an abundance of paper files can complicate the organization of student enrollment records, transportation department information, immunization and health records, insurance information, code of conduct handbooks, financial aid paperwork, personnel records, and employee certifications.

Com|Tracts provides tools to uncomplicate the organization and time-consuming process. With Com|Tracts’ digital library, school districts and schools can access their files from anywhere, and can be tracked, annotated, measured and accessed. Paper-based document storage is challenging to keep confidential, and our secure digital platform reduces these security risks tremendously. Com|Tracts allows you to organize your associated documents such as proof of insurance, business associate agreements, and progress reports, reducing the management and staff costs.

Optimized for Digital Learning

Com|Tracts’ platform is built for modern schooling as more of learning moves online. Learn how our tools help you manage a remote learning platform.

Every Feature You Need For Success

Com|Tracts secure system automatically notifies you of important dates in contracts lifecycle such as updating student vaccines, service agreements with school transportation, and employee certification renewals. Our Document History tool allows you to communicate confidentially with others about important items related to contracts. Com|Tracts can help schools ease their administrative workload by having a single digitalized platform solution. By development of an education portal page, Com|Tracts offers customized and personal solutions to make your business run efficiently.

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