property management

Property Management Tools for Real Estate

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Contract management is key to successful operation of a property management business. Contracts define not only customer relationships but, how those relationships should work. Consequently, customer relationships can be difficult to manage.…
Managing Contracts

Managing Contracts and Relationships Remotely

Managing Contracts and Relationships Remotely An excel spreadsheet is not a contract management system—it is an index. Employees need tools that provide access to actual contracts and important information to work successfully from while…
Excel Spreadsheets Are Dead

Excel Spreadsheets Are Dead, Time for New Tools

Comtracts' Modern Contract Management System is Exactly Why Excel Spreadsheets Are Dead. Contracts generate over 80% of business to business revenue. For instance, poor management of the contract process can result in tremendous expense and…
contract management tool for Nursing Facilities

The Best Contract Management Tool For Nursing Facilities

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Comtracts is the best contract management tool for nursing facilities let's go over how and why: Question: Do you know where your contracts are? Can you find your contracts? Question: Do you have a process to review contracts review every year?…