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Simplicity Starts with Com|Tracts

Our objective is to provide custom, personalized services to help our clients organize and manage their assets. Maintain a logistical overview of your contracts, personnel files, and other data through our expert services. See your efficiency and productivity increase as the administrative burdens and costs lower. Anything is possible when you rely on Com|Tracts.


We’ve created a set of goals that we strive to achieve with every client. We work tirelessly to ensure you have the services you deserve and the support you need to succeed. Our process to improve your services includes these main steps:


We help you identify pain points in your current contract and HR systems, including accessibility and how to reduce document clutter. We develop the product you need based on the issues you encounter daily, then assist you in tracking contracts, training, and all document types. Our goal is to lower the amount of data errors and risks involved in the documentation process, so we carefully monitor how your program is operating before and after we help you set it up.

We strive to help you organize, prioritize, and keep track of your contracts through digitalization and classification. Our products are a streamlined management software solution that ensures all your data is compliant, safe, and easily accessible to those who need it. Using our calendar and notification systems, you can easily stay current with your most important contracts and HR dates when setting up future reminders.

We coordinate with personnel to ensure you’re fully aware of upcoming events and due dates. Stay on top of your schedule with customized management solutions and simplify your contract and HR process with our efficient system. We personalize each product to fit your industry and business needs, while eliminating the need for paper files. Never miss a due date again when you rely on Com|Tracts.

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Dedicated Document Management

Com|Tracts is a document management service that provides software to help keep your files and contracts organized. Simplify your daily tasks with our different product lines, whether you need streamlined communication or HR documentation assistance. Never miss a date when you rely on the skilled services of Com|Tracts.

Peace of Mind

Reduce your stress by keeping all the data and information you need on a central storage platform. You’ll never lose a file again when you rely on Com|Tracts.

Simplifying Management Solutions

Com|Tracts is a women-led, PCI- and HIPAA-compliant company that provides the management services you need to simplify your internal processes. We have customer support on standby for any concerns or issues you encounter. Whether you work in healthcare, property management, or beyond, we have the services to help make your job easier. When you need better organization that’s cost effective and efficient, contact the experts at Com|Tracts.


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Meet Our Team

Our team consists of specialists in the legal and technical fields.  Each team member will review every contract and personnel file to ensure it is managed appropriately.  Com|Tracts is a close-knit company and we are committed to provide our clients with the highest level of service.

Jane Lyle Ghaelian President

Jane Lyle Ghaelian

Lisa Hinkle CEO

Lisa Hinkle

Jakob Felty Headshot

Jakob Felty
On-boarding & Client Relations Manager

Jill Steder Headshot

Jill Steder

Jordan Schwendy IT Director

Jordan Schwendy
IT Director

Katie Royce Headshot

Katie Royce
Social Media Director

Tyler Calder Headshot

Tyler Calder
Sales Manager

Tyler Kennedy Headshot

Tyler Kennedy
Website Manager

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